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Spectacular scenic beauty and mild equable climate throughout the year


Diverse activities - from golfing to kayaking. Have a look at our Activities page


From fast foods to gourmet meals, we've got it all! Farmstyle to restaurant dining

The “Land of Milk and Honey” is the rough Khoi translation of “Outeniqua”

This, the hub of the Garden Route of South Africa is well known for its spectacular scenic beauty and mild equable climate throughout the year. Its magnificent mountains scenery, its intoxicating natural flora, its beautiful beaches and Indian Ocean hewn cliffs falling to the ocean are just part of the rich cultural heritage and attractions that welcome the tourist seeking that somewhere special holiday, destination.

Both holiday- makers and international visitors alike planning to visit the region for its championship Golf courses or its variety of adventure activities, are spoilt for choice of staying at budget to the most luxurious lodges, hotels, guest houses and many types of tourist accommodation available and restaurants that cover all gastronomic requirements or budgets.

The Outeniqua basin is a mosaic of peace and tranquil to sooth your soul by being close to nature. mysterious forests, farmlands, sweeping lakes and wetlands, empty, unspoilt beaches and narrow forested winding passes bounded by the Brak river in the west and Segfield in the east and Herold & Waarboomskraal to the North.

Throughout these fascinating and varied landscapes, the threads that bind them all together is our indigenous fynbos and the warmth of our local hospitality, of the people who live here in Eden of South Africa.

Being able to offer, unlike any other part of the world a part of Africa so unique and magical in its diversity, that it´s been called part of “nature´s garden”. It is an infinitely diverse region that uses an overriding theme of natural beauty to incorporate rocky shores, mysterious forests, breathtaking mountains, lakes, and vast open vistas.

With a most temperate climate, Outeniqua promises to be an all-year-round, unforgettable South African experience.

It is a bustling community during the summer, an ideal temperate retreat in winter-why not join us by staying with one of the listed OTA web site accommodation establishments and eating out at the listed restaurants or taking tours –adventure activities with the listed activity vendors, merely click on the area of choice on the map or on the drop down tab on the website to make your choice of a holiday never to be forgotten.

Some Activities & Attractions along our route


The Outeniqua Hop Route includes several of the stunning golf courses along the garden route, often referred to as ‘The Golfing Mecca of South Africa’.  Our destinations provide vacationing for the whole family and great opportunities for golfers to keep up with their game.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking tours range from an introductory route through beautiful valleys with incredible vistas of the Outeniqua Mountains to Overnight Adventure Expeditions where one can camp in the wild and wind through narrow Mountain Passes. Day‐tours include: riding the incredible Historical Montagu Pass where you can experience the thrill of driving your own quad through beautiful scenery while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Botanical Garden

The Garden Route Botanical Garden is located in George. The garden’s position at the heart of the Garden Route, an area of the country named after its fantastic flora and famous worldwide for the beauty of its natural environment.


The holiday resort of Wilderness is famous for long stretches of white sand and sea angling with picturesque inland rivers leading to  lakes, provide safe water sports haven. Herold’s Bay close to George offers large tidal pools, safe swimming conditions and excellent angling. The year round Mediterranean style climate of the Outeniqua area, allows use of  uncongested pristine beaches year round.

Horse Riding

“The sport of Kings” in the Outeniqua area is well supported in that George has its own riding club where almost monthly championship events are held in glorious surroundings and riders of all ages learn to master the equestrian sport.There are also specialized riding and event training and stabling facilities in the geelhoutboom area.

Mountain Biking

This area, as roughly translated as” land of milk and honey “is home to some of the most extraordinary mountain biking in the country. From the lush forests and sweet tasting streams to the spectacular heights of the Outeniqua Mountains, this area has it all. Formal routes and challenges to informal mountain-forest trails for all levels of riders.

And Many more ….

These are just a sampling of activities and attractions that can be found along the Outeniqua Hop Route.  Visit our members pages or gallery for more.