You join a significant group of like-minded, professional tourism Businesses and individuals that created the association to provide a platform for a say in the growth and development of sustainable tourism for this district of the garden route and thereby ensure the Outeniqua area becomes a prime destination.

1. We need support through a large formal membership, drawn from every corner of the Tourism industry, people who are interested in a healthy vibrant, sustainable industry in this area. All individuals or companies, organisations, associations, no matter how small or large that benefit from tourism in the garden route. e.g. Restaurants, Fast Food outlets, Filling Stations, Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Hotels, Tourism trainees-Students, Home Stays, Property Agents, Charities, Tour Operators, Tourism PDI etc.

2. We seek to represent our members with the relevant government departments at local, regional and national levels.

3. Collective Stakeholders representation in the form of a NGO is very important as a result of the restructuring by the municipality of the George and Wilderness info Offices to a governmental structured operation, and reluctance on their behalf to involve or consult the local Tourism businesses in the decision-making processes affecting the marketing of this area.

4. The Association amalgamated with the Outeniqua Country Hop Route in 2010, which is a recognised and established marketing brand, and have expanded the brand to cover all tourism enterprises within municipal boundaries of George, as initially the Outeniqua Hop Route only included establishments on the west of George. The plan is to build on this success and promote the Outeniqua Hop Route name right across the municipal region emulating the successful Midlands meander in KZN.

The name Outeniqua-Hop-Route is a play on words:

OUTENIQUA the majestic mountain range that can be seen along the route and the word as translated from the Khoi language means “the land of Milk & Honey”.


HOP from the “Hop” farming – the only place where hops grow in South Africa, Plus tourists can “hop” from place to place enjoying all the route offers.


ROUTE Members Establishments with the region collectively marketing their businesses in a way that road using tourists and visitors can plan a Route which suits their individual needs and interests.

Our Prime Charter Objectives are:

1. Act as the sole Stakeholder representative of the Tourism industry for the area with Government-legislators and Municipality’s. Lobby for financial support to maintain and expand Tourism infrastructure and obtain funding to ensure adequate marketing of the area is achieved.

2. Market the member’s establishments via a collective independent marketing option. This is achieved by providing members with a modern up to date website which markets the area and their own tourism niche business with high Google rankings and ensuring it is compatible with the new generation of touch screen phones and portable devices which are fast becoming the preferred way to access information when on the move.

3. Provide consistent and continuous marketing of the area to grow the brand of the Outeniqua Hop Route, which in return will provide the traveller to our area with a one stop guide to use whilst visiting the local attractions and adjacent activities. Making this area the hub of the Garden Route from which the traveller can roam and explore.

4. Educate / advise & mentor and assist members and new comers to the industry and support National Tourism training initiatives.

By joining the OTA and, Becoming involved, you will make a difference and be heard.

You will have an opportunity to network with committed members to expand your business and knowledge. 

You will benefit from advertising and marketing and be incorporated into the Outeniqua Hop Route.