About Destination

Thembalethu or its English name “Our Hope” is a suburb, but more than a suburb it’s a “community “on the outskirts of the city of George. This is a dynamic community made up mostly of Xhosa people but also living there are other black South Africans and people from other African countries.

This community first began following the change of government, people from Eastern Cape and other areas left their homes in search of jobs, food and clean water and Thembalethu was founded. Over the past 15 years this community has grown dramatically and unofficial estimates in (2009) had at least 80,000 people living there.

Many people in this community are struggling economically with many people living in shacks although RDP housing is slowly raising the quality of life . Many people who have moved to this community were not lucky enough to have obtained an education and jobs are very scarce.

Regardless of the hardships faced by many people in this community it is still a community where singing and dancing are a common occurrence and churches are prolific with happy children playing with their pets on the sidewalks and the residents are very friendly and welcome visitors with open arms.