White Shark Africa

Contact Person: 
Contact Number: 044 691 3796
Fax Number: 086 693 9834
Cell Phone: 082 455 2438
Email: info@whitesharkafrica.com
GPS Co-ordinates: Lat  -34.178506 – Long  22.143459

White Shark Africa is the only White Shark operation along the Garden Route and provides the visitor with the opportunity to view or dive with the mysterious and intriguing Great White Shark.

Seeing a Great White Shark in it’s own environment FOR REAL (not in a book or in a movie) must rate as one of the most exciting experiences to both adventure seekers and Wildlife enthusiasts alike.

White Shark Africa offers diving and viewing trips which are educational and enriching to both mind and soul.

Divers and non-divers are welcome. Working around Seal Island, a Cape
Fur Seal colony with several thousand seals provides unique opportunities to observe attacks by White Sharks on Seals.

Many White Shark enthusiasts dream about seeing a White Shark breach.  Join White Shark Africa on a boat ride and this could be your chance to experience a breach first hand !

The boat ride to the Island takes approximately 10 minutes from the Harbour and the water temperature varies between 15 to 24degrees Celcius.  The visibility is between 5 to 20 meters.  The boat “Shark Warrior” is a modern 11.5m long and 4m wide motor cat custom built for shark diving.  Minimum 4 people but up to 18 people can be on the boat.  The cage holds 6 people at a time.

White Shark Africa operates according to strict government regulations and code of conduct controlled by MCM and SAMSA so rest assured you are in safe hands

The bay also plays host to large numbers of Whales in season June to November.  Schools of up to 500 Dolphins also make a spectacular site and are often seen in the bay.

White Shark Africa operates 2 trips per day – duration of each is 4 hours.

The cost is :
R1 300 per Adult / R650 per Child
U/12 and includes :

  • Buffet Breakfast at launch site
  • Light lunch, snacks & refreshments on the boat
  • Diving and Viewing
  • Wet suits and dive equipment supplied and available in all sizes
  • Afternoon tea on return to shore
  • Certificate of your White Shark experience